Sour Patch kids Freeze




First they’re sour, then they’re sweet … then they take over the whole grocery store. Sour Patch Kids has been churning out new snacks in the last few months, stepping into ice cream cartons and popsicles and adding a new mango flavor to the mix. Now, the candy brand is taking a page from Altoids’ book with Sour Patch Kids Freeze.

Candy bloggers like @JunkFoodMom and @CandyHunting have spotted the new candy in stores like CVS and Target, and according to their reviews, the lemonade-flavored candies will make your mouth go cold. JunkFoodMom notes they’re more sour than usual, and do have a cooling sensation to them, as advertised on the bag. “It’s not minty or menthol or over the top,” she wrote on Instagram. “Just a refreshing fruity coolness.”


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