Beary Beach 250mg CBD Product

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If you’re a fan of cannabis-infused gummies, then you must try Verma Farms CBD product line. They have set the standard for what CBD gummies should be like. They have an array of different flavor profiles and variations of candy, because they what CBD fans are after, as well as how to deliver on a quality value each and every time. Inspired by the islands of Hawaii, Verma Farms provides an all-natural, great-tasting gummy that anyone who’s interested in CBD can get down with. An exceptional choice, there’s a reason why Verma has topped nearly every critic’s list in the past couple of years.



The classic juicy gummy Bear with a little island flavor. Our fan-favorite Beary Beach Gummy Bears are sweet and extra soft. With the combination of Verma Farms CBD and some Hawaiian love in every bite, good luck trying to eat just one.  As with all of our products, this product is THC-free.


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